Pedogenesis of strongly anthropised soils

Toxicity of mining and industrial Technosols: chemical and biological approaches

Our work was conducted in collaboration with the FST Marrakech (Morocco) to investigate the heavy metal toxicity of tailings and soils collected from five metal mines located in the south of Morocco...
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Properties of Technosols developed on dredged sediments

The aim of this work done in collaboration with the ENTPE (Lyon, France) is to determine sediment properties, metal contents and transfers of Cd and Zn from dredged sediments to plants...
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Anthropisation of garden soils and availability of metals

Industrialisation and urbanisation have transformed a large proportion of natural soils into new soil types with specific characteristics due to their high degree of anthropisation...
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Early pedogenetical stages of constructed Technosols

The aim of the research program entitled "Soil construction on industrial brownfields with wastes and co-products" conducted in collaboration with the TVD company and the GISFI is to better understand the pedogenesis of Technosols...
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Transfer of technology: the MICRO-HUMUS company

Research results obtained in the Laboratoire Sols et Environnement are transfered to a emerging company "MICRO-HUMUS"...
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updated on 15.04.11