Friable materials
Friable Materials Technical Group

The Friable Materials Technical Group, still partly under construction, is located at the Laboratoire Sols et Environnement and belongs to the Research Federation ‘Eau-Sol-Terre’ (FR EST) which coordinates the research of seven laboratories mainly devoted to the characterisation of natural systems, from soil to the solar system.

A multiscaled approach may be carried out from the particle and micro-aggregate size on both bulk and undisturbed friable material samples (e.g., soils, sediments) to their location in the whole structure. The Group’s facilities are as follows.

Pre-treatment and storage of friable materials: including drying, crushing, milling, sieving and quartering of the friable material samples.



Granulometry lab:
Mineral particle size distributions or aggregate and particle size distributions by wet sieving and sedimentation, fractionation of the size fractions, particularly the mineral or organo-mineral clay fractions.

Thin sections laboratory:
from undisturbed friable materials, confection of impregnated polished blocks and thin sections (25 µm thick) for micromorphological studies by photonic and scanning electronic microscopies.

Ultra-microtomy and transmission electronic microscopy:
ultrastructural characterization and complementary EELS-EDX analysis carried out on ultra-thin sections (100 nm thick) of undisturbed friable materials, particularly on organic and organo-mineral ones.

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updated on 12.06.12