Experimental stations

The Laboratoire Sols et Environnement carries out research work on two complementary sites situated:
in a cultivated area (Experimental estate of La Bouzule, reference centre for food safety and traceability, photo below)
in an industrial area (Former industrial site of Homécourt, GISFI Experimental station, photo on right).

Functioning and evolution of anthropized soils, dynamics of pollutants in the soil-water-plant system as well as phyto-remediation of degraded soils are studied thanks to experimental devices on various scales and in real climatic conditions.

The scientific goals are the acquisition of fundamental knowledge of the pollutant dynamics in anthropized ecosystems (nature, status, interactions, fluxes, and ways of functioning) and the modelling of the processes (transformation, transport, impact). on different scales.

The applied objectives are the forecast of pollutant dynamics, the restoration of the soil’s initial functions, the reduction of the risks due to pollutant scattering and the development of innovative practices and treatments.

The two experimental stations are therefore federative tools for multidisciplinary research through a soil anthropization gradient.

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updated on 08.04.11