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Aïda Bani

Master’s Degree in agricultural science

PhD student (2005-2008)

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2 avenue de la Forêt de Haye
B.P. 172
F-54505 Vandoeuvre lès Nancy
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Phytoextraction of Ni in ultramafic soils of Albania.

Thirty percent of Albanian soils have an ultramafic substrate. The soils in this region show high heavy metals (Ni) concentrations and may be toxic for plants. There are also industrial areas in Albania where soils are polluted with Ni. Ultramafic outcrops host rich vegetation. The Ni hyperaccumulator Alyssum murale Waldst. & Kit., is widely present in the ultramafic regions and industrial areas of Albania. The need to manage the soil polluted by nickel necessitates the study of the behavior of this hyperaccumulator plant.

This thesis reports on an in situ observation of the response of a native vegetation cover, including A. murale, to fertilization, with a view to optimizing the phytoextraction yield of Ni. This study therefore aims at understanding the relationships between the ecophysiology and the mineral nutrition of specific populations of A. murale and other native serpentine species and the edaphic characteristics of a soil which displays high Ni availability.


Doctoral thesis in agricultural science “Phytoextraction of Ni from the ultramafic soils of Albania” INPL, Laboratory of Soil and Environment, Nancy, France and Agriculture University Tirana, Albania.

Post University School, Agricultural University ofTirana, and preparation of a microthesis entitled “A contribution to the study of the salinity level and temperature on the germination of seeds – in the case of saline soils”.

Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT), Agronomics Faculty (Diploma)


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Balliu A., Bani A, Sulçe S, 2006. Nitrogen Effects on the Relative Growth Rate and its Components of Pepper and Eggplant Seedling. Communication oral, Symposium International: "Advances in Soil and Soilless Cultivation under Protected Environment", Agadir, Marocco.

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Bani A, Echevarria G, Sulçe S, Morel J L., 2006. Phytoextraction of Ni by native populations of A. murale on an ultramafic site in Albania, Communication oral V International Conference on Serpentine Ecology. May 2006, Siena.